Spice and marinate grilled meat correctly

The cosy barbecue evening is coming up. Chicken breast, lamb filet and steaks you have already bought from your favourite butcher. Now the right spices should underline the taste of the meat, so that your friends will remember your BBQ as a first class taste experience. But how do you have to season the meat properly to make it juicy and delicious? We will tell you some tips and tricks.

Seasoning with salt

Nothing increases the taste of the grilled meat as well as a small pinch of salt. So if you want to season meat, you can't get past a good salt mill. But many people are unsure whether the salt gets to the meat before or after grilling. Some experts warn that the salt is supposed to remove the juice from the meat and therefore it becomes too dry. Others recommend salting the steak well twelve hours before eating so that the meat can absorb the juice lost through the addition of salt. However, everyone agrees on one point: it is better not to salt the meat just before grilling. For a great result, we recommend that you fry the meat briefly on both sides and only then salt it. It is good for the meat if the salt can act briefly during the grilling. It also does not lose any juice when it is already fried.

Our tip: Even if it is fun to season with a beautiful salt mill - less is more. And you can always add more seasoning. So it's better to use salt sparingly at first.

Seasoning with pepper

No matter whether on the grill, in the pan or when cooking low in the oven. Pepper is indisputably one of the most important spices for a good piece of meat. It exists in many different varieties and forms: green pepper, red pepper, white pepper, black pepper, whole grains, crushed grains, ground grains, etc. It is very difficult to give you a hint which kind of pepper should be the best. It is well known that tastes are different and you have to find out for yourself which pepper you like best. However, we advise you to use freshly ground pepper from the pepper mill. This tastes much more aromatic than pre-ground pepper.

Our tip: Do not season the meat with pepper too soon. It is better to first fry the steak on both sides and only then add the pepper.

Seasoning with herbs

Fresh or dried herbs can give the meat a wonderfully aromatic taste. But the herbs belong on the meat and not in the fire. When rosemary, sage, thyme and co. fall into the embers, they burn in the glowing coals and an unpleasant smell is created. This can be transferred to the grilled food via the smoke and cause a bitter taste, for example.

It is best to use the herbs by marinating the meat. Rub the herbs with a mixture of oil, spices, garlic and onion into the meat and leave it for a few hours or even better overnight, so that the aromas have time to slowly transfer into the meat. Filet, steak, chops and co. should not drip oil on the grill. Dab the meat with a paper towel before you put it on the grill.

Our tip: Remember that different herbs have different levels of smell and taste. Be careful with laurel or marjoram, for example. They have an intense taste and can quickly mask the natural meat aroma.

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