Pirate Ship Black Pearl


Product: Añejo Reserva Rum
Alcohol content: 40% Vol.
Content: 100ml
Origin: Panama
Dimensions: LxWxH in mm: 90x390x350

Pirate Ship Black Pearl with Añejo Reserva Rum

The Añejo Reserva Rum is a balanced, smooth blend of aged rum from Panama. After storage in wooden barrels, the carefully selected rums are combined to form an extremely smooth and mild tasting blend. The Añejo Reserva convinces with notes of coffee, cocoa and spices as well as a hint of vanilla. The robust bouquet is characterized by fine wood notes and a light tobacco taste. This rum tastes pure "on the rocks" as well as mixed with cola as Cuba Libre or in other drinks. The rum is packed on a Black Pearl pirate ship. The perfect gift for all pirate fans and of course rum lovers.